Frequently Asked Questions

Any not-for-profit group or team can fundraise through Grant Headquarters. Some examples are clubs, school sports teams, bands, church youth groups, cheerleading teams, dance teams … you name it, are eligible to receive a grant.
Your team can start fundraising immediately.
No. The team leader fills out their fundraiser information to get started. There are no long applications to slow you down.
Read our Free Fundraising Guide or follow the simple step-by-step program at
Yes. Each team will be able to use grant funds raised throughout the year.
Grant funds can be used for any legal purpose your team chooses. We do not control how your grant is used. Please remember that the grant CANNOT be used for personal benefit. The grant must be used for your not-for-profit team.
The Free Fundraising Guide shows you how to promote your fundraiser.
Yes. Every team member will have a designated and unique code to use and monitor for his or her efforts and progress.
Yes. You will have access to your team’s progress and grant amount on
Yes. Grant Headquarters provides free templates and marketing materials you may use for your fundraising effort or you may create your own.
The Free Fundraising Guide contains easy step-by-step guidance.
No. Grant Headquarters will not sell (or remarket to) the names on your fundraiser list.
No. There is no limit to the potential amount of your grant(s).
Yes. Participating members will receive a Certificate of Community Service Hours earned for their volunteerism
Any non-profit in need of funding qualifies to participate in Grant Headquarters.
As the team leader, you will be assigned a personal Grant Headquarters fund program specialist to help you through your entire fundraiser.
Additional promotional materials are available through your personal Grant Headquarters funding specialist or online at
You may request a grant check anytime your balance is $50 or greater. Grant checks requested will be mailed at the beginning of each month.
Click “Sign Up Today” on the site and complete the sign-up process.
The Free Fundraising Guide shows you the quickest and easiest ways to get your fundraiser off the ground.
There is no pre-set time limit. Your team may receive grant checks for any month in which they are eligible for a grant as explained in the grant schedule.
Grant Headquarters is owned by the same company that owns the Dream Giveaway proprietary platform and system that has, since 2008, provided over $12 million dollars to charitable organizations.