So You’re Ready to Have a Meeting with your Board. Let Us Help!

The following informational downloads make your presentation to your board a cinch. Feel free to download the assets you need or download them all.

1. Donor Catalog

Flipping through pages of candles and cookie dough doesn’t sound like a lot of excitement, so instead how about amazing Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Corvettes, Dodge Challengers, a trip to the Super Bowl, a $10,000 Apple gift card, or even Ralph Lauren’s Lamborghini?

Download the Donor Catalog
Want to flip through the catalog first? Click Here

2. Letters of Reference

You already know many of these fine charities. Now read what Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), National Guard Educational Foundation (NGEF), Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and many more have to say about Grant Headquarters and Dream Giveaway. You may be new to our fundraising system, but national non-profits have received over $12 million dollars in net funding from our platform.

Download the Letters of Reference

3. FAQs

We expect your board to have questions, so we’ve put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Download the FAQ Page

4. How To Register

Easy steps are better than hard steps. That’s why each and every step in starting, managing and completing your fundraiser is simple and easy.

Download the Step-by-Step Guide

5. Sample Build Your Team Page

Download the Build Your Team Page

6. Sample Donor Call to Action Page

Download the Sample Donor Call to Action Page

7. We Are Not a Lottery

Grant Headquarters is compliant with federal and state laws. It is not a gaming activity, a raffle, a lottery, or a contest.

Download More Details

8. Opinion Letter

All Dream Giveaway promotions undergo an annual audit for compliance with state and federal promotions law by one of the nation’s preeminent promotions law firms. The 2016 audit can be downloaded below.

Download the Legal Opinion Letter

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